thursday thrift: h&m conscious exclusive

March 27th, 2014

hm jacket

h & m crop

h & m 4

h&m dress

{all images via fashionista}

behold, our favorite looks from the 3rd annual h & m conscious exclusive collection. available april 10th, each item is crafted from sustainable materials, such as organic leather & organic silk. go team!

although these aren’t all exactly at the price point that we would consider “thrifty” {hello, gorgeous & amazing sergeant pepper-esque white jacket for $399}, we know ya’ll can’t resist a $25 crop top or $20 earrings.

here’s to hoping spring comes rather quickly to our dear cities so that we can rock sleeveless anything.

& don’t forget to mark your calendars for april 10th. {we imagine there will be the same type of hysteria that occurs when a designer collabs with target… eeeeks}

what we want wednesday: jac vanek everything

March 26th, 2014

whatever forever


if you have never heard of jac vanek before, let us introduce you. let’s just say that we really appreciate when one’s outfit makes a statement for itself… & anytime you wear one of vanek’s creations, you’ll do just that.

some of her famous phrases {as seen on her tees & sweatshirts} are as follows:

whatever forever {as seen above on a blogger/models}

later nerds

more people have read this shirt than your blog


young and stupid

get lost


i don’t need money {our personal fave}


& good news: all of these tees & most of the sweatshirts are all on super sale because the summer line has just been debuted.

get ‘em while they’re hot {and half off}.

tunesday: babes you should know

March 25th, 2014

having just been in sxsw two weeks ago, we were left with a barrage of bands to reacquaint ourselves with and songs to stream on repeat. but what stood out the most was the high caliber of young female talent gracing the stages. it was hard to narrow down, but since you’re all probably at work suffering from cold-induced ADD, here are just a few of the chicks you need to add to your music rotation in 2014 and beyond.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.53.43 AM

chlöe howl

style takeaway: liquid liner & “i can kick your ass” attitude

song to play: “this song’s not about you


tove lo

style takeaway: docs & “whatever she feels cool in”

song to play: “habits


betty who

style takeaway: bette davis meets pink

song to play: “somebody loves you



style takeaway: gap-toothed & gorgeous

song to play: “mind the gap

happy #tunesday!

monday montage: mary-kate & march madness

March 24th, 2014

Celebrities Attend The Dallas Mavericks Vs The New York Knicks Game

maybe they love basketball bc the height difference isn’t so obvious? although the age difference still certainly is.

two seemingly unrelated, but very relevant “m” themes going on today…

but first a quick word from your writers: even though spring break doesn’t mean sipping piña coladas out of coconuts or jetting off to the bahamas with our sorority sisters anymore, we still think us old ladies needed a break from the winter doldrums. and break we did – in the form of sxsw, naps, bachelorettes, and lots of family time.

but now we’re back on track, stalking olsens anonymous & filling our brackets/finding another excuse to go the bar as the temps dip to 21 degrees again.


1) mary-kate is recently engaged, and pulling off “grown-out nail polish” better than any mortal could. she is relevant to basketball bc courtside is one of the only times we see her cuddled up to her grandpa fiance olivier sarkozy.

2) we’re incredibly invested in march madness this year because frankly, the gators rule. our final two involves louisville playing {see also: losing to} florida, with an ending score of 111.

what’s your prediction?

spring break.

March 10th, 2014


since it is spring break for the youngsters & lauren is slammed at work {& anna is galavanting around austin for sxsw}, we have decided that we are taking a week long break from the blog & we’ll be back next monday!

until then, follow us on instagram {especially for anna’s uploads from texas}


tgif {this girl is fierce}: kendall jenner

March 7th, 2014




can we all just agree on the fact that kendall jenner is the real deal? she has caught the attention of designers & editors alike {hello, anna wintour} & there is just something about her that is so refreshingly {dare we say} un-kardashian. & we love that. so we’ve come to the conclusion that kendall is one fierce female & we can’t wait to see what she does next.

sidenote: congrats to christine t. who won our bellajenna giveaway. please email us with your contact info!

happy friday, party people!

thursday thrift: sale alert

March 6th, 2014





old navy



& while you are shopping the sales, don’t forget to enter our bellajenna giveaway. it ends tonight at midnight!

what we want wednesday: sxsw style

March 5th, 2014


with the timestamp on this post, do we even need to mention we’re busy?

anna is headed to austin, tx next week to cover all the swsx music festival madness, so has been working, prepping for that, attempting to sleep, and working some more. she hasn’t yet had the time to go shopping, but if she did have all the money and could afford the time it might take to order hippie clothes from australia, she’d want everything from spell & the gypsy collective. they have lookbooks for every boho mood, and since it’s been summer there, you can get inspired by their tanned, toned, lithe limbs.

preview below.




tunesday: idina menzel aka adele dazeem

March 4th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 9.41.00 PM

so if you watched the oscars, then you hopefully witnessed john travolta tragically murder idina menzel’s name. he seemed to have everything under control, talking in slow measured tones, not a hair in his toupee out of place, until he {somewhat confidently, we might add} introduced the “wickedly talented, one and only adele dazeem.” adele. dazeem. seems like “frozen” was not only an oscar winner, but also the status of j.trav’s brain for a hot sec.

but from the burning rubble of deep deep shame, a phoenix can sometimes rise out of the ashes. and that phoenix here my friends is in the “travoltify your name” generator {thanks, slate for keeping it real}.

in case you’re interested anna murphy became anya morphay and lauren schab morphed into laurence speerce.

the amazingness of this whole ordeal is unparalleled, so get yours, and then watch idina’s nearly flawless {minus the intro} oscars performance here.

monday montage: best dressed

March 3rd, 2014




well, no surprise here that we loved jlaw’s look last night. lupita surprised us with the striking baby blue, but we really loved her ethereal look {& that headband… we see a trend coming}. olivia was stunning in her black gown, accessorized by her growing baby bump & glowing skin.

we were actually pretty impressed with most of the dresses last night… which was your favorite? {& do we think that jlaw “accidentally” trips on the reg or is she really that clumsy? discuss}

{don’t forget to enter our giveaway with bellajenna… entries will be accepted until friday}


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