Firstly, it is not essential that you’ve got to give your dog treats, but they help form a special bond between you and your dog, and are a simple method to reinforce good behavior, helping to make them a great help when it comes down to training. When you are choosing your dog treat, you should contemplate what your thought us is, by this I propose that you should think about how frequently you will be treating your dog, consider your dog’s age and his entire standard of health. Does your pup have any allergies, doe’s your dog have any tastes. It’s also wise to consider your dogs size and his chewing habit, you will need to pick a treat that will help his dental health, so the treat need to function as the perfect size and should be made from high quality ingredients.

It is up to you how often you choose to treat your dog but you have to make certain it is in temperance, treats are fitter that feeding him table scraps, but the best method to give them is to reinforce good behavior. They should not impact meals times, and should give to no more than 10% of your dog’s diet. This really is significant for overweight dogs. Offering treats rather than table scraps can enable you to prevent problems like begging, picky eating, digestive problems and weight gain.

If you are intending on using treats for training select a small dog treat. Whether it is crunchy or meaty or sweet it is actually down to your dog’s taste. It is significant that he can have the treat immediately as you do not need it to change the training procedure.

It might be an idea to contemplate smaller, low calorie treats if you are intending on treating him often as lower calorie treats will help him remain slim and healthy but if your dog is active, you do not have to be limited to giving them lower calorie treats, so you have more flexibility when selecting the perfect treat.

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