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jeana sohn is an LA blogger & artist who visits fabulous ladies’ closets to spotlight their personal styles – a project that visually lives on in our opinions, this is the perfect snapshot/microcosmic example of someone’s fierceness, because how better to communicate personal style than by visiting a girl’s home & discovering what prized possessions lie within?

her site is one of our bookmarked favorites, so we’re super stoked to feature her as our fierce female today. read on to find out how she’s living the dream and staying stylish while doing it.


annacroswell: since we are accessory obsessed, we have to ask…. what is your favorite or most treasured accessory/piece of jewelry?

jeana: my husband got me a cartier tank watch after i had a baby. it’s the smaller design with a black leather strap. i wear it everyday and it ages beautifully. {future baby daddies, we hope you’re reading this…}

annacroswell: what is your go-to karaoke song?

jeana: go to karaoke with my korean friends sometimes and we sing old korean pop songs!

annacroswell: describe the inspiration behind…

jeana: i was an artist before i started closet visit. i got tired of being stuck in my studio and working by myself so i wanted to start a little side project that can get me out of my studio and meet other people. i was very interested in photography and fashion so shooting other people’s closets made sense.

annacroswell: what was your favorite closet visited?

jeana: there are so many good ones it’s hard to pick one. i think the latest one “sophie buhai” was one of my favorites. i was also very impressed by her unique interior design sense.

annacroswell: in your opinion, what makes a woman “fierce”?

jeana: anyone who can accept who they are and embrace it.


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  1. Rachelle says:

    ooooh I love her blog it’s so fun to learn more about

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