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for today’s “this girl is fierce” feature, we caught up with lauren parsekian, co-founder of the kind campaign & all around cool california girl. we asked her the all important questions about fashion & her fiancé, but then really got to the core of what she stands for/believes in. & we’re pretty sure that after you read her answers, you’ll agree: this. girl. is. fierce.

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annacroswell: since we are accessory obsessed, we have to ask…. what is your most treasured accessory or piece of jewelry?

lauren: before jan 1st 2012, it was a small round gold pendant necklace with a little angel on it.  my mom and dad gave it to me when i was 16 and i wear it almost every day.  since jan 1st 2012,  i would absolutely have to say my engagement ring!!! it’s the most beautiful, special piece of jewelry i have ever or will ever own because it symbolized the greatest love i will ever know.

annacroswell: what is your go to karaoke song?

lauren: killing me softly by the fugees.  cliché i know, but it’s just so good.

annacroswell: what are your plans for valentine’s day?

lauren: i will be in new mexico with my fiance! not sure what we will be doing but i could sit in a cardboard box with him and be happy so whatever’s going on will be perfect :)

annacroswell: sum up the entire experience of the KIND Campaign and the public’s reaction in one word (if possible):

lauren: life-changing.

annacroswell: in your opinion, what makes a woman “fierce”?

lauren: a “fierce” woman is someone who genuinely supports other women, someone who is KIND to others, someone who embraces all of her unique qualities and can laugh at herself, and someone who’s balance of confidence and humility inspires others to follow suit.  and beyoncé. there is nothing…no one more fierce than beyonce. if anyone knows her secret, please, shoot me a facebook message.


so in conclusion, while we’re superfans of beyoncé too, we think lauren is just as fierce in her campaign to make kindess contagious.

{find out more about the mission at the kind campaign site & see the inspirational work of lauren & her friend, molly}

{photos of lauren are via lauren}

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  1. Kelly says:

    I absolutely LOVE Lauren and what her Kind Campaign is all about :) I also think her and Aaron might be the cutest couple I’ve ever seen hehe – how awesome that you got to interview her!!! xo

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